Friday, May 20, 2011

"Summer Pots" 6x6

"Summer Pots"
6x6 oil on canvas panel

This is a fun little painting using some of the colors and brushstrokes I learned in the workshop with the fabulous Dreama Tolle Perry. I had a photo of the bench with the great light on it, but it didn't have anything sitting on it. I decided a couple of terra cotta pots with some colorful flowers in them would be the perfect addition! This is one of the things I am learning to do in my compositions. Not rely on just what I see, but what I can imagine I see too! Tried to stay loose and not over work the paint on this too. 

I am headed to Little Rock, Arkansas next week for a workshop with Guido Frick, a German painter who studied with Sergei Bongart early in his painting career. Really looking forward to painting outside on BIG canvases and loosening up even more on my brushstrokes. Look up his work if you are not familiar with it! Very fresh and exciting style and I know I will have fun with it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

WKNO Art Show Opening

The Artist Group of Memphis

I have been busy preparing for two art shows I am participating in with a group of artists here in the Memphis area known as "The Artist Group." It is a group of friends that was started by Joy Routt and Julie Hooker years ago to show their work around town. It has grown over time to include 17 artists. Not all artists participate in each show, but it is fun to have a group of friends to show your art with! This is a photo of the opening reception last night at WKNO studio here in Memphis. This show runs through the end of May, so if you are in the area, stop by sometime and see and buy some artwork! It is fabulous and such a variety within the group of artists. Some of my work in the show is shown below. 

We have another opening next weekend at St. Mary's Episcopal School for a weekend only show with some of the proceeds going to the Children's Ballet Theater that performs there in the Buckman Theater. 

Also, please keep this area in your thoughts and prayers. We are facing some flooding of historic proportions that have not been seen in this area since the early 1900's. The mighty Mississippi River has run over it's normal banks all along the way to the Gulf and will continue to rise for at least another week. It will be a long while and a lot of damage to many homes and businesses until this water recedes. A slow moving natural disaster for sure.