Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop

I just returned from a wonderful workshop with the fabulous and inspiring artist, Dreama Tolle Perry. It was held by a group of SUPER FUN people from the Artists on Main gallery and school in Goodletsville, TN. Led by the infamous David Gillahan (hey David!!), they are a group of artists on a journey to learn to paint and have fun together. David has classes at the gallery and let me just say, they really learn something there! He not only teaches about oil painting, but about friendship and support, which as artists, we all need! Most of the people in the workshop were David's students, but they made me feel so welcome and comfortable and I was so grateful for that. The photo below shows some of the workshop participants although some had already left by the time we took the photo.

I have been wanting to take a workshop with Dreama ever since I started painting again. Her beautiful use of color in her paintings always draws me in and the stories she writes along with them always make me smile. I was not disappointed at all and in fact, I would go back again and again just to study with her and hang out in the atmosphere she creates in her workshops. She is such a kind and graceful person, and immediately puts you at ease when the workshop begins with her attitude and humor. Also, she infuses so many pearls of wisdom throughout the workshop, you can't go home thinking anything else of your art but that you have something special to tell the world and you better get busy doing it! I have always tried to have a pretty positive outlook on my own work because I know I have to be my biggest fan (!!!), but she reiterates how important it is to look at what you want to say with your art and believe in yourself as you enjoy the process of painting, and not just the resulting artwork.

The painting above is one of the ones I completed in the workshop. I was able to use some colors of paint I had not used before and it was so fun! I also learned a lot about how to take my own reference photos that I photograph and add some fun elements to them in order to improve the composition and the color to make them more pleasing to the eye. For such a 'literal' person like me, this was eye opening and I now see so many more possibilities when looking through my photos I have in iPhoto.

I also included a photo of Dreama below with the beautiful smile on her face, which if you have met her before, will surely bring a smile to your face. Take her workshop if you have a chance.You, too, will not be disappointed!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Framed Show Photo

Although I did not get to attend the opening of the 6 Inch Squared show in California last night, one of my artist friends from online, the fabulous Dana Cooper, was in attendance and kindly snapped this photo of my painting, all framed and happily hanging on the wall! Randy's frames really are beautiful and I could not be happier with the one they chose for me to frame my painting. Now it just needs a red dot next to it! Contact Higbee Gallery if you are interested in purchasing it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am so excited to have a painting accepted to this show in California, which opens tonight. Randy Higbee, also known among artists as the "King of Frames" (which he is!), is having a show with only 6"x6" paintings. It is hung and opens this evening! Wish I could be there but some of my artist friends are going so I will hear about it from them. The painting I had accepted is pictured below. Randy and his group framed it in a beautiful floater frame and I know it will look great hanging in the presence of such wonderful work from artists from all over!

I am currently in a workshop with the FABULOUS artist and just all around fun person, Dreama Tolle Perry. She is such a great instructor and I have met a great group of people who are also taking the workshop. It is in Goodletsville, TN, and the Artists on Main group is sponsoring the workshop. So ready for my second day and I will share some photos and reviews when I get back home!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Studio Artist Wall

Because I am not only an artist but an art collector, I decided to start a wall in my studio for some of the paintings I have recently acquired from different artists across the country. Most are small format, 6"x6" or a little larger, and all are from artists whose work I love a lot! I will add to it as time goes on and as money is available :). I included close ups below with the artists in case you would like to check out their work too!

 These are from artist Michael Chamberlain

The fabulous artist, Laurel Daniel, who has been so 
helpful and supportive to me in my art journey so far!

Artist Cathleen Rehfeld does beautiful work and also teaches in her area! 

The final photo shows a painting on the left by artist Tim Horn, who I have had the pleasure of studying with in a workshop in Atlanta. Also pictured is the work of artist Carol Schiff, who is masterful in her use of beautiful brushstrokes and paint application in all of her paintings!

There are MANY other artists out there whose work I would love to own, and plan on continuing to collect as I can. I feel the art not only inspires me but brings a sense of light and joy to my studio, and makes it such a wonderful place to be!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jennifer McChristian Workshop - Last Post

(Click on image to enlarge)

Well, this is the last post for my workshop that I will do. I hope you have gotten something out of them! I really like reading reviews and information about workshops that I sign up for before I sign up for them on other people's sites and blogs. It usually is a tool in helping me decide if I am ready at that particular point in my journey for that instructor, or if I will benefit from that particular type of instruction or painting. That is why I have spent the last few posts in showing a bit of what I did at this workshop so if you ever have a chance to take one from Jennifer, you will see kind of what to expect. 

This is another study I did on the fourth day of the workshop. As you can see, I forgot to take the reference photo when I started my sketch and the light had already changed by the time I got out my camera! If you paint outside at all in the sunlight, you know just how this is! I quickly got my sketch down with my values (did a thumbnail sketch with markers in my sketchbook instead of the painted value study) so it didn't matter to me if the light changed or not. I was going with what I first sketched out in my thumbnail sketch. As you can also see, I used that "artistic license" again to change a few things about the composition. Left out an umbrella, the car in the background, and just included less detail than I saw in the actual view. I really tried to concentrate on the values and getting the right colors for the values I had drawn off in my thumbnail sketch. And again, not a finished painting, but something I may decide to use as a study for a larger studio painting in the future. I now have enough information to do that with my thumbnail sketch, color study, and the photo I took while there!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jennifer McChristian Workshop - Continued

Although the first day of the Scottsdale workshop was inside due to rain and cold, the rest of the week was outside at beautiful locations around the area. The weather was just fabulous and so nice to enjoy the sunshine while painting. This demo above of Jennifer's was at the Papago Park location, where we painted for two days. So many great things to paint there! In addition to painting, I took TONS of reference photos that will no doubt make it into my paintings in the future.

Below I included my painting of the second day of the workshop. It is another study which I included the reference photo, value study, and the color study. Again, these are VERY SMALL, about 4" x 5.5", so the aim was to capture the big shapes and simplify them. It takes lots of practice to weed out the many details of a scene and only concentrate on big shapes and the major value areas. One of the ladies in the workshop who was accustomed to painting on very large canvases kept saying she felt like she was painting on postcards! However, it was a good way to keep the shapes simple and really concentrate on values. When I finally did a painting on an 8x10 canvas later in the week, I felt like I was painting on a giant canvas! These exercises were a great learning experience for me and something I will do again and again to develop the skills of painting that I would like to in my own painting experiences.

(Click on image to see enlarged)