Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jennifer McChristian Workshop - Last Post

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Well, this is the last post for my workshop that I will do. I hope you have gotten something out of them! I really like reading reviews and information about workshops that I sign up for before I sign up for them on other people's sites and blogs. It usually is a tool in helping me decide if I am ready at that particular point in my journey for that instructor, or if I will benefit from that particular type of instruction or painting. That is why I have spent the last few posts in showing a bit of what I did at this workshop so if you ever have a chance to take one from Jennifer, you will see kind of what to expect. 

This is another study I did on the fourth day of the workshop. As you can see, I forgot to take the reference photo when I started my sketch and the light had already changed by the time I got out my camera! If you paint outside at all in the sunlight, you know just how this is! I quickly got my sketch down with my values (did a thumbnail sketch with markers in my sketchbook instead of the painted value study) so it didn't matter to me if the light changed or not. I was going with what I first sketched out in my thumbnail sketch. As you can also see, I used that "artistic license" again to change a few things about the composition. Left out an umbrella, the car in the background, and just included less detail than I saw in the actual view. I really tried to concentrate on the values and getting the right colors for the values I had drawn off in my thumbnail sketch. And again, not a finished painting, but something I may decide to use as a study for a larger studio painting in the future. I now have enough information to do that with my thumbnail sketch, color study, and the photo I took while there!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to give your workshop updates! Sounds like you got a lot out of it and travel the USA! I enjoy your blog..jeanie

  2. Looks like you learned a lot Denise! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Denise,
    Wow- this is definitely your element. I love the way you edited and simplified your painting. You have a strong composition and caught the colors and light just beautifully. I look forward to PA with DBD in Oct!!

  4. Denise, this is a fabulous painting, and I love all the advice you have given. That is such a good idea. I will try to do that with Peggy Kroll Roberts workshop if I get to take it. I'll know tomorrow if the class made.

  5. Denise I have just finished reading our notes on the Jennifer McChristian workshop and thoroughly enjoyed reading and seeing your photos. I love the oil value studies. I'll give it a try besides my small thumbnails.

    I agree with your statement "that stress themselves out trying to get a perfect painting and I prefer not to do that to myself. It is a such a freeing feeling knowing that you can learn and experiment with the things you are learning from the instructor "in the moment" and not pressure yourself to create a 'masterpiece'." I recently took my first oil workshop and told myself as I started painting that I was here to learn, not make a masterpiece. If I could make a masterpiece I wouldn't be there........ I think I did learn and above that I enjoyed myself.

  6. Denise, I have enjoyed your posts on the Jennifer McChristian workshop.
    Thanks so much for sharing your paintings and photos. Look forward to meeting you.

  7. Denise...

    Wonderful tips and observations...would love to have joined you and Judy!

    Thanks for the details,


  8. thanks for sharing, Denise. Great advice about taking workshops too.
    You aren't likely to create a masterpiece and that's not what you're there for.