Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Lean On Me" 6x6

"Lean On Me" 
6x6  oil on canvas panel

This painting was one that I did in my workshop with Carol Marine in Louisiana back in December. Since my comfort zone is landscapes, I had never really done a still life painting from life before attending her workshop. I have been following her work since I started painting again, and just decided not to try still life until I took a workshop from her. Sometimes for me, it seems easier not to "crowd" my brain and I wanted good information in there about still life painting before I gave it a shot. Anyway, as many have said before, she is a WONDERFUL teacher and a very kind and cool person on top of that. I was hesitant going anywhere in December since it is always such a busy month, but I was so thankful I did after the workshop was over! She has years of experience and is very sharing and giving in helping other artists. Plus, I met so many fun people and fellow artists there too! This is one of the benefits of going to workshops that I have truly enjoyed and keeps me going to more of them. Her workshops fill up fast, and I can see why now! Needless to say, if you have not had her workshop and enjoy still life painting, try to enroll in one if you can sometime.

This painting is available for purchase in my Etsy shop Denise Rose Studio


  1. I agree with your comments about Carol. I've taken two of her workshops and learned soooo much at each one. I am still praticing what she has shared. She is a fantastic artist, teacher and just a wonderful person!

    Good job on your still life! With winter here you should do more!

  2. Love your title, Denise! Nicely done. And I also agree with your praise of Carol Marine -- she is quite an inspiration!

  3. Denise,
    This one is wonderful. Great colors, brushstrokes and composition...And, cute name! I want to take a CM workshop- you are lucky to have done so many great workshops!

  4. Great job on this Denise. Good work with the color and brushwork. Cool!

  5. From the first moment I saw one of Carol's paintings I was hooked. I've taken two of her workshops and would continue to study with her if I could. She's a pro and she knows her stuff!

    Meanwhile, Denise You're UP!! I can see that you won't have any trouble with still life. Nice painting.
    .....and about that ANNOYING fuscia carnation post that won't update. It's like that on everyone's blog roll and it bugs me to death!!

  6. Wow... if this is one of your first still lifes from life then you're off to a great start. Very nice!

  7. Hi Denise, Beautiful! I'm so glad to see your wonderful blog!!! Congratulations, your blog and your paintings look amazing!!!

  8. excellent Denise!super brushwork :)Yes,her workshop is fun and so great to connect with others. Thanks for your visit on my blog.I just answered your question on my comments for Lemom Light)