Friday, August 12, 2011

"Cedar Grove Church" 9x12

Cedar Grove Church
9x12 oil on canvas panel

This is a painting I did from my recent workshop with the fabulous painter and teacher, Dawn Whitelaw. I had a wonderful three days with her in Pontotoc, Mississippi, in a workshop where we learned to work from photos. Dawn is primarily a portrait and a plein air painter, and I have previously studied with her in a plein air "bootcamp" kind of workshop. I learned so much and always look forward to studying with her whenever I have the opportunity. She is such an inspirational teacher and knows just what to say to help you understand a concept. 

This church is in a little community in Arkansas that we pass through on the way to our lakehouse. It is one of those places I always wanted to pull over and photograph, and when I was driving past a month or so ago, the light was hitting it just right, so I quickly turned around and grabbed my camera before it changed. I was happy I did, because it gave me an excellent photograph to work with during this workshop! 

I used the limited palette of one red, blue, and yellow and some white on this painting. I am becoming quite fond of the simplicity of using just 4 tubes of paint and seeing what I can mix up!


  1. This painting is just beautiful. Love the soft serene feel and the muted colors. The greens are the wreaths on the doors. I would have pulled over to get a photo too! Keep up the wonderful art work. Paint friend:)

  2. Just beautiful Denise, love everything about it. Colors, composition ... perfect.

  3. Such a comforting scene. Love the buttery light hitting the church. Glad you had a good workshop!

  4. Beautifully done, Denise. I need to go visit family in Nashville and take some workshops! Love how you captured the sunlight in this painting.

  5. Very nice.. you did a great job. When are you going to post pictures of the workshop you did in Little Rock??