Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Blue Pot and Pear" 11x14

"Blue Pot and Pear"
11"x14" oil on linen canvas panel

This is the final piece I did at Nancy Franke's workshop. Our focus this time was to work on making the pot look rounded by using colors and values. I used that artistic license again and replaced the orange that was in the setup with a pear. Because of the workshop setting and the fact that four artists were painting the same setup, the orange appeared right in the middle of the pot from my angle, so I just deleted it and put a pear in the setup in a more eye pleasing position. I also worked on keeping the background light and loose. 

I am on my way to Arizona for a plein air workshop with Jennifer McChristian. I am so excited and feel very blessed to be able to study with such a talented artist and travel with my good friend, Judy Nocifora. I will try to post photos during the workshop!


  1. This has a nice softness to it, and I can see the influence of Nancy Franke . . . very nice, Denise!

  2. This painting of the pot is beautiful in person- you had the most wonderful colors in it. Glad you put that pear in there:)
    Woohoo, girls go WEST! I thought about y'all this morning. Travel safe! Learn lots and have fun!

  3. I love the pot. Particularly the way the colors from the pear reflect in the pot. Good job. Enjoy your workshop.

  4. Good job Denise.I like your soft palette for this.

  5. HI Denise, great to meet you at Nancy's workshop. Thanks again for the info and photo's you shared. You inspired me to get going on my blog- just started it on blogspot yesterday. Thanks. Hope you will share some of your new paintings from the Jennifer McChristian workshop. have fun!

  6. All three of these paintings from the workshop are wonderful.
    Lucky you to take Jennifer McChristians workshop. Can't wait to hear all about it and see your paintings.

  7. Jennifer is one of my painting 'gods'. I can't wait to hear about it!!
    Lucky you!