Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"White Roses and Lemons" 11 x 14

"White Roses and Lemons"
11 x 14 oil on linen canvas panel

I just returned from Atlanta and a workshop with Nancy Franke. She is a fabulous teacher and wonderful painter, and just such a fun and inspiring person to be around. I don't have enough good adjectives to describe how much I got from her and these two days spent painting with her. I have been following her work since I started painting again and have always been interested in the sketchy, loose manner in which she paints. She is a very generous teacher and had us busy and working the entire two days! I not only loved being there with my friends, Judy Nocifora and Kathy Cousart, but also met 15 other people in the workshop also who were nothing but encouraging to each other and also fun to talk and visit with. 

This painting is one of the still life paintings we did while there. We painted in groups of four and each group "designed" their own set up. I am not so great at that yet since I have done very little still life painting, so I was happy my cohorts were better than me! I also did a few other paintings there and will post those in upcoming blog posts. Below is a group photo taken on the last day of the workshop.


  1. It sounds like you had a really great time at the Nancy Franke workshop, and this painting tells it all -- just beautiful!

  2. Denise,
    This is beautiful! What a wonderful workshop! I am still assimilating everything I learned. I am also working my way through that chocolate y'all gave me!

  3. Nancy Franke sounds like a great instructor! I keep reading wonderful things about her. Your painting is very nice. I like your set up and your soft colors.

  4. Pretty as can be! We did have so much fun! What a wonderful workshop! I hear that Kathy Cousart if a fun gal to paint with too!

  5. This painting is so beautiful. Glad you and my friend, Kathy Cousart are also friends.

  6. Lovely still life! Sounds like it was a terrific workshop. Would have loved to attend. Thanks for sharing your group photo. Always fun!

  7. Hi Denise!

    We had so much fun... hope to paint together again sometime!